Welcome to the Solomon Lab

Welcome to the Solomon Lab in the Department of Pathology at the University of California, San Francisco. We are broadly interested in the discovery, functional analysis, and therapeutic targeting of novel oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in human cancer.

Our previous work has identified genes encoding the cohesin complex (STAG2, SMC3, SMC1A, RAD21) as frequent targets of mutational inactivation in cancers including glioblastoma, urothelial bladder carcinoma, and Ewing sarcoma. We are currently working to determine the function of STAG2 during development and tumorigenesis and to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities in the many cancers harboring cohesin gene alterations. Other ongoing studies in the lab include genomic characterization of rare brain tumor variants such as choroid plexus tumors and pineal parenchymal tumors. Please follow the links above for more information on our research projects, people in the lab, and our recent publications.